How to sign in and out of PlayStation Network

I can't sign into my psn account. My ps4. Since yesterday Nov 18, 2019 Can't sign into PlayStation network. Network cable Jun 05, 2020 Playstation Network (PSN) down? Current status and Sign-in Game play Social @ChanPieSenpai1 @AskPlayStation PLEASE ITS BEEN 4 MONTHS AND I CAN'T ACCESS MY PSN ACCOUNT!!! I dont have my old phone # and I'm not logged into a device to get backup codes.. I do reset password apparently my birthday is not right or my security question I don't know my online name either so I can't get into Sign In: Sony Entertainment Network

I can't sign into PSN, someone please help. : playstation

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PS3 Update 3.50: PSN Network Down, Can’t Sign Into PSN Sep 21, 2010 Can t sign into psn on ps3 2018, MISHKANET.COM Can t sign into psn on ps3 2018 What causes sugar to rise without eating, And obviously I can log into the PSN or I wouldn't be able to type this here. Tried our PS4 and it signs in fine, PS3 still will not sign in.