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Top Banks in Switzerland – List of Major Swiss Banks Below is a list of the largest and best banks in Switzerland ranked by total assets. There are about 250 banks operating in Switzerland including two big banks, 24 cantonal banks, regional and savings banks, private banks, Raiffeisen group, and subsidiaries and branches of foreign banks. COVID-19 Information for Switzerland and Liechtenstein | U Country-Specific Information: The measures put in place to address the spread of the coronavirus …

Top Banks in Switzerland - Overview of Top 10 Banks in

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Julius Baer – One of the largest private banks in Switzerland. As of March 2017, it had total client assets of about CHF 400 billion and assets under management of over CHF 330 billion. Notenstein La Roche Private Bank – A Swiss private bank based in St. Gallen. It operates as a subsidiary of Raiffeisen (Switzerland).

Which Banks are located in Interlaken? - Interlaken Forum There are many many banks in Interlaken.. Are you looking for a branch of your US bank? Are you moving to Switzerland and asking for advice about where to set up an account?. If you are going to visit Switzerland and just want to know where to get money out of an ATM, well, there are lots of them and pretty much they are all the same, cost-wise.