software installation - Error sudo: add-apt-repository

sudo - How can I add a new user as sudoer using the Just add the user to the sudo group:. sudo adduser sudo The change will take effect the next time the user logs in. This works because /etc/sudoers is pre-configured to grant permissions to all members of this group (You should not have to make any changes to this): # Allow members of group sudo to execute any command %sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL How To Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu [Quickstart Mar 28, 2016 How to Add a User to Sudoers on Debian - LinOxide To mitigate this risk, there is a need to add a new regular user and later assign root privileges to the user to perform day-to-day administrative privileges when needed. This is possible by issuing sudo before the command, which will elevate the user's privileges temporarily.

sudo visudo. And then add a line like this: user_name ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/apt update, /usr/bin/apt upgrade. Save the changes and you are good to go. I hope you like this quick little tutorial about using sudo without password. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.

How to Fix Error sudo: add-apt-repository: command not Apr 11, 2013 run a sudo command, specifying the password on the same A better solution if you want to run something with sudo without putting in your password is to allow your user to do exactly that one command without password. Open sudoers file with sudo visudo and add the following line (obviously replace the username at the beginning and the command at the end): alice ALL = NOPASSWD: /full/path/to/command

How to change user pi sudo permissions; how to add other accounts with different permissions? As that person recommended, I first added an admin user: $ sudo adduser admin Then I did the following: $ sudo adduser admin sudo $ sudo adduser admin adm I then checked the user's privileges as advised, and it worked great. All good so far.

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