Alt-Right Activist Stefan Molyneux Banned from Youtube

YouTube, along with most of the Internet, is banned in North Korea as the government there fears its people will find out the truth about their country, as there are many videos discussing the truth about North Korea. The same is true for China, although there are alternatives to YouTube that users have access to. Aug 02, 2017 · In 2007, YouTube was banned for every Brazilian because of an adult video. YouTube was sued by Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli, ex-fiance of footballer Ronaldo for hosting a video of the couple having intercourse on a beach. Although, this video was not explicit and a filter was put on preventing access to YouTube for everyone there. Morocco - Morocco has had YouTube banned because of videos that mock the Moroccan king as well as some pro-Western Sahara clips - until today. Thailand - A similar on and off situation is found in Thailand, which blocks/bans/sues YouTube every time a new clip which mocks their king appears.

Countries where access to YouTube had been blocked before Afghanistan. On September 12, 2012, YouTube was blocked in Afghanistan due to hosting the trailer to the controversial Armenia. Following the disputed February 2008 presidential elections, the Armenian government blocked Internet users'

Nov 06, 2019 · He’s currently banned from 26 countries in the European Union. He’s also still on YouTube . Spencer is currently “P resident and Creative Director ” of the “National Policy Institute Jul 14, 2020 · Earlier this month, the European Union omitted the United States from its list of 15 countries whose citizens are permitted to visit. However, there is still a handful of options. Nov 21, 2017 · with its edgy sense of humor and willingness to offend practically everyone, it makes sense that family guy wouldn't fare so well in countries without robust free speech protections. it's been banned in indonesia, iran, vietnam, egypt, south africa, russia, taiwan, india, the philippines and venezuela among other countries. it's even been Country. Banned. Reason. Jaftsland: 2007 All people saying in the comment section disrespectful about Jaftsland GoAnimateland (U.S. State) : 2016 Rants, harassment videos, Grounded videos, and assaulted videos out of Alvin Hung (founder of GoAnimate)

Jan 30, 2017 · Banned countries based on list from Obama administration News. by: CNN Wire. Posted: Jan 30, 2017 / 09:30 AM CST / Updated: Jan 30, 2017 / 09:30 AM CST.

13 Popular Cartoons That Are Banned in Some Countries Shrek 2. © DreamWorks Animation. Banned in: Israel. Reason: Sexual hints and insulting public … Countries Where Bitcoin is Banned or Legal in 2020 Nevertheless, some countries have actually banned them or their use. Whether bans were imposed due to Bitcoins decentralized nature, the threat to their current financial system or just because proper regulations are yet to be approved, 'Banned in 46 countries' – is Faces of Death the most Oct 01, 2018