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There are some issues with Astraweb. Referral Program Astraweb has an active affiliate program. Popularity Around 22000 searches per month. Doubts about Astraweb? Consulting. Within 48 hours. Share Astraweb Review. Copy. Astraweb Website Widget. Astraweb. from … Troubleshooting - Newsbin Jul 25, 2017 • View topic - Astraweb down? Nov 27, 2017

Hi, Is anyone having problems downloading from Astraweb? My downloads have not been able to start. I also tried with SSL and non-SSL ( and

– Host: or (SSL) – Port: use port 443 or 563 for secure or port 119, 23, 1818 or 8080 for standard connections. – Username: provided in email – Password: provided in email – Connections: Astraweb supports up to 20 connections. – Check SSL … Problems with Astraweb? - On the web Apr 29, 2013

This happens from time-to-time. Sometimes the server is just re-booting and you can get connected in a few minutes. More serious problems may last a couple of days. Call your ISP to see what the situation is. Also, poorly-run servers may be overloaded and unable to log you on. Your ISP is having a domain-name-service problem.

Searchtech (Astraweb) may have had their Paypal account frozen or limited. Paypal has a fairly long history of limiting and freezing accounts and holding funds for no good reason. Searchtech might have become the latest victim.